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10 Best Social Selling Techniques for Experts [ Get a Free Demo ]

Table of Contents Introduction Power of Social Selling Strategies to Utilize to Enhance Your Social Selling Skills Focus More on Relationships Rather than the Conversions Build a Valuable Content-Base Promote Visibility through Multiple Social Selling Platforms Participate & Engage in Relevant Chat Groups Create a Content Schedule Target Potential Customers with Automotive Campaigns Be Responsive …

Top 5 Reasons Why Social Selling Is A Must For Every Salespeople

Table of Contents Introduction Comprehending The Concept of Social Selling Why Your Business Must Care About Social Selling? It Builds Trustworthy Relationships Your Prospects are Already Involved in Social Buying Social Selling is Highly Efficacious Better Customer Retention The Trend of Social Selling is ‘On’ in the Auto Industry Reasons for Your Salesperson to Learn …

How is Social Media Marketing Helpful To The Automotive Industry?

Table of Contents Introduction USA Automotive Industry and Traditional Media Sorry, Don Draper: Death of the Industrial Advertising Complex Why are We Still Putting Money Here? Common Challenges with All Traditional Mediums Social Media Marketing for Automotive Industry: The Why, What, and How. Benefits of Using Social Media Get a Competitive Edge: Use Cases for …

How to Take Your Car Dealership to the Next Level?

Table of Contents How to Take Your Car Dealership to the Next Level? Introduction The USA Auto Dealerships: Industry Snapshot Tactical Changes: Small Changes for Big Benefits Better Service & After Sales Experience Equals Higher Profits Go Beyond Radio, Print, TV, and Direct It’s No Longer a Volume Game Convert Your Expense Line into an …

5 Critical Challenges Facing the Automotive Industry

Table of Contents 5 Strategic Challenges Facing the USA Automotive Industry Semiconductor Shortage and Lumpy Supply. Growing Human Capital Costs and Talent Gaps. Transition to an EV Portfolio. Pressure on Profits. Supply Chain Issues and Cost of Components Transforming the Auto Dealership Model From the ‘Car Salesman’ Concept to Employee Advocacy Adopting Automotive Social Selling …

How to Succeed in Social Selling with Employee Advocacy?

Table of Contents The Rising Costs of Conventional Social Media Rising Social CPM Influencer Marketing Fraud Changing Social Media Platform Policies Agency Costs The Performance Gap Fraudulent Traffic Lack of Conversions Scaling Issues Focused Campaign Goals Social Media Fatigue Employee Advocacy for Social Selling What is Employee Advocacy? How to Use Inrelay for Social Media …

How Social Media Gives a Marketing Advantage to Auto Dealerships?

Table of Contents Introduction Common Marketing Channels in the Automotive Industry Print Ads: Local Newspapers, Magazines, and Trade Journals Radio Spots Activations Inaccurately Clubbed ‘Digital’: Website, Social Media, Search & Display Ads Customer Experience Tracking: The Logical Approach to Marketing What is Customer Experience Tracking? How to Map the Customer Experience Journey for Your Dealership? …

ebook: The Value of Employee Advocacy

Table of Contents Why is Social Media Marketing Becoming More Difficult? Employee Advocacy: A Solution that Works The Inrelay Employee Advocacy Survey Over 73% of Employees are ready to engage with an employee advocacy program. Over 60% of employees were willing to share company content on social media. Over 93% of employees would recommend their …

How Can Auto Dealers Use Social Media to Boost Sales?

Table of Contents 8 Reasons Why Automotive Social Selling Plans Fail Strategy – Category Mismatch. Suboptimal Landing Page. Unclear CTA and Value Proposition. Missed Focus on Mobile. Unattractive Offers. Targeting Unqualified Leads. Buying Lead Databases. Your Brand is Not Trustworthy Enough. Using Auto Dealership Social Media Marketing for Lead Generation Creating Lead Magnets. Establish Social …

How the Automotive Industry Gets Results with Social Media?

Table of Contents I. Introduction II. Results from Auto Dealership’s Social Media Marketing Strategy Attract: Enable Discovery for Strangers (New Customers) Engage: Generate Intent and Nudge Conversion Delight: Inspire Loyalty. Repeat: Flywheel vs Funnel 12 Metrics to Measure Auto Dealership Social Media Marketing Results No Engagement of Social Media Marketing in the Automotive Industry. Social …


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