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The trend for automotive social selling is on a hike. With more people becoming active on social media platforms, automotive dealers have understood that social selling is the key to bring new leads into the dealership. By leveraging social media, better customer relationships and engagements can be formed, which eventually leads to selling services.

However, social selling for car dealerships isn’t as easy as it sounds and has its challenges. The biggest challenge is obtaining the trust of their potential customers. Online consumers comprehend the competition and do not easily fall into the talks of any sales representative. Before making any financial decision, the consumer thoroughly analyzes every aspect of the deal and only agrees if it seems profitable.

That is why to overcome such challenges, we have created a list of ten best tested social selling techniques that can bring social selling success to your dealership.

Power of Social Selling

Social media is an excellent way for building and nurturing customer relationships that can further promote the brand value of your auto dealership in the market. Besides, having a hold on social platforms significantly helps in the customer retention process. Social media is a considerable parameter that can influence a buyer’s decision-making process in today’s market. The statistics provided by Medium state:

68% of service customers and 75% of car buyers say that reviews sites and social media sites are the biggest influencers while deciding on a car dealership.

New car purchasers rank social platforms as a more vital source of information than the dealership websites while selecting a car.

A mere 16% of the total buyers rely on dealership websites when researching for a new vehicle.

Car service customers find social media a better channel to reach out to a dealer as they easily find several effective incentives and service coupons.

Automotive dealers utilize social selling platforms not just to promote but sell their products and services. Most car dealers make profits by selling services such as car repairs services, upgrades, etc. Therefore, having adequate social selling skills in your sales rep can make a huge difference in the overall progress of your dealership.

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Strategies to Utilize to Enhance Your Social Selling Skills

A well-planned constructive automotive social selling strategy can amount to higher lead generation and sales conversion. That is why auto dealerships must leverage the most effective techniques and methods to improve their social presence and enhance their representative’s social selling skills. Here are a few ways of doing so:

Focus More on Relationships Rather than the Conversions

Customers often feel annoyed and get irate when sales reps approach them with a single-minded approach of just getting the conversions. As a result, the customer overlooks the brand’s product and decides to go with an alternative brand. This hugely impacts the brand identity and reputation in the market.

Remember, the agenda of social selling is to first build a relationship with the customer before making a sale. The customer should never be pressured to make the purchase. Instead, be genuine in your approach and constantly make customers comprehend your prospects, and the sale will naturally happen.

Build a Valuable Content-Base

Regularly posting insightful and relevant content on the social selling platform will help build the credibility of your brand. The next time a customer engages in a conversation with your brand, they will naturally see you as an established industry leader and authentically ask for advice for their problem. On the successful resolution to their problem, they will gain your trust and ensure to stick with your brand for any related services and purchases.

Promote Visibility through Multiple Social Selling Platforms

You must always maintain a broad social media presence across different platforms. Users are spread across various social media channels such as Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, etc. Make sure that you post content across all these social platforms uniformly. This generates higher reliability and visibility of your brand, which can invariably lead to better sales opportunities.

Participate & Engage in Relevant Chat Groups

One of the best ways of social selling for car dealerships is to build a team of sales reps that specifically focus on engaging with customers interested in automotive services and products. Search for active events such as quizzes, forums, etc., happening online. Participate in those events to share your knowledge and attract prospective customers for your business.

Create a Content Schedule

The key to successful brand awareness and lead conversion is being consistent with your content on social media. Businesses often post once in a while and expect results from those posts. However, your brand’s presence will be felt online only when you have a consistent post-scheduling regime. Besides, scheduled posts help motivate your customers to regularly follow your channel and avail benefits when offered.

Target Potential Customers with Automotive Campaigns

There are various kinds of automotive audiences, from new car buyers to second-hand purchasers to car service buyers and more. You should be smart enough to break down and target those audiences separately.

Consider the things that are critical for your audience. Then follow a content strategy to send the right offers to the targeted customers so that the content can have real customer engagement.

Be Responsive to Customer Complaints

Handling criticisms and customer complaints properly can do wonders for your PR and brand reputation. Customers are always more impressed by the level of service offered than the product itself in the automotive industry. Make sure your car dealership is highly responsive to customer complaints and ensure quick outcomes to help customers feel satisfied with your brand.

Track Results and Make Adjustments

Learning from your previously tried methods will save you time while creating future strategies and maximize ROI. Collect insights from your current and past strategies and identify what methods work the best. Accordingly, make adjustments when planning the next social selling strategies for your business.

Leverage Technology that Supports your Social Selling Strategy

The whole point of social selling for car dealerships is to convert social media users to real-world connections that can help drive your sales and revenue. To successfully achieve this, equip your sales team with relevant technologies that can effectively grow your automotive business. Some of the tools available online to help you in this aspect are:

LinkedIn Sales Navigator

Customer Relationship Management Solutions

Social Listening Platforms

Consult Employee Advocacy and Social Selling Expert Platforms

Partnering with an employee advocacy platform is the fastest and trendiest way to boost your car dealership sales. These platforms specialize in training your sales representatives to function at their optimal levels. With a short training period, the reps start producing tangible results like attracting newer leads, shortening sales cycles, and generating better revenue streams.

automotive sales representative’s employee advocacy

Get a Free Trial to Boost Your Social Network with InRelay

Inrelay is one of the leading employee advocacy platforms that is designed to provide automotive representatives with proven technologies and methods that will help them achieve greater success at their job. The experts at Inrelay have taken sufficient time to study the market and challenges faced by the representatives in the automotive industry.

Using their knowledge and technical expertise, they have built strategies, tools, and methods to train automotive employees to utilize ways to level up their work efficiency and social selling skills significantly.

Inrelay offers a Free demo and 14 day trial period to its customers that help them to:

  • Enhance their communication skills
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  • Inspire staff to work more effectively
  • Attract potential leads without deceptive marketing methods

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Frequently Asked Questions

Every social media platform is crucial for social selling. Each platform has its own audience base and you need to target each one of them for better brand awareness and promotion. To start, list down the top five of them that have more of your targeted audience.

You should post information, updates, trends, quizzes, blogs, etc. related to your industry.

An employee advocacy program works on improving your social selling techniques and ensures quick results for the overall process that otherwise can take more time.


Using the right automotive social media marketing strategies on various social selling platforms to captivate new business leads, your car dealership business can swiftly accelerate at a lightning pace. Just ensure that your efforts are genuine and turn out profitable both for your dealership and the consumer. To get more assistance, consult our team and avail of the benefits of social selling.

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