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How is Social Media Marketing Helpful To The Automotive Industry?

Table of Contents Introduction USA Automotive Industry and Traditional Media Sorry, Don Draper: Death of the Industrial Advertising Complex Why are We Still Putting Money Here? Common Challenges with All Traditional Mediums Social Media Marketing for Automotive Industry: The Why, What, and How. Benefits of Using Social Media Get a Competitive Edge: Use Cases for …

How to Take Your Car Dealership to the Next Level?

Table of Contents How to Take Your Car Dealership to the Next Level? Introduction The USA Auto Dealerships: Industry Snapshot Tactical Changes: Small Changes for Big Benefits Better Service & After Sales Experience Equals Higher Profits Go Beyond Radio, Print, TV, and Direct It’s No Longer a Volume Game Convert Your Expense Line into an …

5 Critical Challenges Facing the Automotive Industry

Table of Contents 5 Strategic Challenges Facing the USA Automotive Industry Semiconductor Shortage and Lumpy Supply. Growing Human Capital Costs and Talent Gaps. Transition to an EV Portfolio. Pressure on Profits. Supply Chain Issues and Cost of Components Transforming the Auto Dealership Model From the ‘Car Salesman’ Concept to Employee Advocacy Adopting Automotive Social Selling …

How to Succeed in Social Selling with Employee Advocacy?

Table of Contents The Rising Costs of Conventional Social Media Rising Social CPM Influencer Marketing Fraud Changing Social Media Platform Policies Agency Costs The Performance Gap Fraudulent Traffic Lack of Conversions Scaling Issues Focused Campaign Goals Social Media Fatigue Employee Advocacy for Social Selling What is Employee Advocacy? How to Use Inrelay for Social Media …


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