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Looking for tips on social selling for car dealerships? Find useful information that can help take your business to the next level. The use of social media has transformed significantly in the recent few years. It is no more just about randomly talking with strangers and friends to casually pass the time. It has now become a prime venue for product research and building strong relationships, both for personal and professional use. Over 74% of the buyers research the product on social media channels before making their purchasing decision.

As today’s consumers are now more informed, they research all about the product from its price to reviews to public opinions before making the purchase. This paradigm shift in consumer shopping behavior has made companies realize that they need to build new and effective social media strategies to develop relationships with potential customers. Automotive social selling is also witnessing a great surge in this regard.

Therefore, this blog will explore some of the top reasons why your auto dealerships salesperson must have proactive social selling skills to earn the best deals.

Comprehending The Concept of Social Selling

Social selling can be understood as a way of utilizing social media to discover and engage with new prospects. salespeople leverage social media to provide value to prospective customers by responding to their open-ended questions, answering comments, and sharing relevant content that attracts the lead to become a buyer which in turn elevates the business growth. In simple words, social selling can be seen as a new functional version of sales marketing.

Where the old sales techniques used to be about customer calls, demos, and qualifying leads, this newer model makes use of social media channels to reach out to new prospects, educate them on the company’s products, and finally convince them to become a buyer. As per the statistics from various sources:

  • Social selling provides 45% more sales opportunities than cold calling.
  • Over 71% of consumers are more likely to buy new products based on social media referrals.
  • Social Sellers recorded a 55% customer renewal rate.
  • Social sellers have a sales forecast accuracy of 54%.
  • 78% of the customer purchases are influenced by the brand’s social media posts.

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Why Your Business Must Care About Social Selling?

If you still aren’t satisfied with the statistics showing the impact of social selling on sales of the business, check out some more reasons why you should adopt this concept without any second thought.

It Builds Trustworthy Relationships

Social selling for car dealerships creates an excellent opportunity to connect with new potential customers on social media platforms. There are several social listening tools leveraging which your sales representatives can identify people who are already talking about your brand or business field.

It can help you reach out to the consumers who are already showing an interest in what you offer. You can offer them useful information regarding the subject and authentically connect with them for the right reasons. This creates a substantial level of trust between the customer and you, and most likely, you earn the loyalty of the customer.

Your Prospects are Already Involved in Social Buying

Social media has become bigger than ever before. In the first two quarters of 2020, 25% of Americans aged between 18 to 34 purchased various products via social media. Considering how many people actively use social media to shop, the brands must use social platforms to attract potential customers.

Social Selling is Highly Efficacious

Do not just go by the words that we say. As per Linkedin Sales Solutions,

  • Businesses using social selling strategies are getting 45% more sales opportunities than businesses with a low social selling index.
  • 78% of businesses that use social media for selling are outsmarting those that don’t use social selling.
  • Businesses that have adopted social selling techniques are 50% more likely to reach their sales targets.

Better Customer Retention

Social selling is a pragmatic way that enables salespeople to maintain contact with their customers all the time. The salesperson is actively connected with the customer through their social media and keeps the customer updated on informational content, which invariably helps in better customer loyalty and retention.

The Trend of Social Selling is ‘On’ in the Auto Industry

The auto industry has always been competitive. With the incoming of auto dealership social media marketing, your competitors are already ahead of you in interacting with the customers and making their brand the customer’s first choice.

It is estimated that over 31% of car dealerships in the US are actively using social media to interact with their customers. That being said, it is high time for you to jump into this race before your competitors get so ahead of you that are become invincible.

Reasons for Your Salesperson to Learn Social Selling Skills

Automotive social selling skills have become a must for every salesperson, considering their efficacy. Here are some of the top reasons for your sales reps to learn social selling skills:

Social Media is Amongst the Top Online Activities for Your Prospects

This is the generation of millennials who have grown up using social media. Most of their time is spend on social media, and hence it is one of the best channels for marketing your product. Those days are gone when buyers used to listen to TV ads and make their minds to buy a product. The new user leverages social media to educate themselves on products and make purchases.

Customers Love to Engage with Businesses where they are Heard and thoroughly Guided

Everyone likes to be heard and when it is a customer who is paying for your service, you need to listen to every word that comes out of their mouth. The salesperson can use social platforms to answer the queries of the consumers and guide them on the needed product for their needs. This builds customer confidence in you and your service, and they end up giving sales to your brand.

Today’s Buyers Use Social Media to Research Best Automobile Vendors

Checking the brand page for getting detailed information on the product that a customer likes is the first step in the modern-day buying process. Hence, automobile dealers should ensure that all their social media pages have uniformity in the content and charisma to entice prospective customers.

Social Selling Leaders Have More Sales Opportunities

Getting leads amongst the cut-throat competition in the auto industry has become extremely difficult. However, the salesperson actively using their automotive social selling skills is witnessing better progress than those not active on social media.

Social Selling Influences Company Revenue

Hubspot suggests that over 50% of any brand’s revenue is influenced in some way through social selling. Considering this fact, if such a large amount of numbers are influenced through social channels, it is imperative for your auto dealership social media marketing to become more active and build a strong market for the brand.

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Things Needed to be done to Maximize Success With Social Selling

Here are the things that can help you start with social selling for car dealerships:

Join Relevant Social Conversations

Buyers are more likely to engage with a sales rep that presents new insights about the industry and the customer problems. Make sure to add value to the conversations you join, which can eventually lead to better brand awareness. A few places where you can find appropriate conversations are:

  • Social News Feed
  • Social Media Groups
  • Influencers channels
  • Relevant Hashtags on Social Media

Build a Network of Credibility

Building a network of people whom you can trust can help you grow your business at a much faster rate. Therefore, start by connecting with the people that you know. Ask your team members to recommend trustworthy people that are in need of your business products. Once you have sufficient people on your list, send all of them personalized messages to ask for more recommendations.

Nurture Warm Leads

Motivate your salespeople to connect and communicate with your existing and prospective customers regularly. Keeping in touch and consistently liking their posts will be helpful in advancing the buyer to the sales process. Remember, social selling is about nurturing relationships. You might not get results from all your prospects but never stop trying.

Plan and Schedule Regular Posts

salespeople need to make a posting schedule and stick to it. Only when you regularly post about your brand or related content will you find the eyes of people. Share things your prospective customer’s values such as tricks, tips, best practices, FAQs of your product.

Incorporate with Social Selling Advocacy Platforms

One of the quickest ways to make sales through social media platforms is by joining hands with social selling advocacy platforms. These platforms specialize in various kinds of advocacy programs for your salespeople. Within a limited time period, they can train your salespeople to become highly active in their talks and actions, that achieving big results becomes an effortless process for them.

Frequently Asked Questions

Make your conversations simple and clear. Ask for customer issues, share behind-the-scenes stories, and run contests. Another great way to get this done is by partnering with an employee advocacy platform that has a set of professionals to take your social selling skills forward.

Dedicate half-hour to one hour daily to initiate your social selling process. Identify 10-20 good customers that can easily get in conversation with you. Start your social selling process with them and soon you will understand all the tactics of this process.

Final Thoughts

The world of automotive social selling is growing at a tremendous pace. Hence, it is the right time for you to work on your social selling strategies and train your salespeople to make the most out of them. Global leading employee advocacy organizations like Inrelay have the best team of experts that can train your salesperson in the least time with the best results that will help take your automobile business to new heights. Get a free demo of their services here.

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